photos by Evan Semón

As I learn so much from talking to constituents in Stapleton, Montbello, Green Valley Ranch, and throughout far northeast Denver, I want you to know that I am thinking deeply and carefully about the work ahead of us. This presents an important opportunity for our community to protect our accomplishments and continue to meet challenges with sound solutions.


We have much work to do to ensure school quality and expand educational options. We cannot take the traditional “one size fits all” approach to educating our very diverse population of students. Instead, let’s provide meaningful support to schools that are currently struggling, build new schools to accommodate this rapidly growing section of Denver, and be innovative in ways that truly equip all students for success in their chosen path – college, career, and life.

Public Safety

We need better understanding, mutually held expectations, and improved relationships between law enforcement and our communities.

Health & Wellness

Our community has unmet needs around health, healthcare, and access to healthy food options.

Jobs & Strong Economy

We need to create the conditions for our small businesses—the backbone of our local economy—to thrive.

These are key ingredients of a strong and successful community. These are things we value. These issues underpin our quality of life. And this is the charge I will work and fight for on your behalf if I have the privilege to serve.