Community Support for James Coleman

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Northeast Denver’s residents, business leaders, and fellow civic leaders support James Coleman.

Allen Webb

Amy Schwartz

Andrea Webb

Anna Jo Haynes

Colorado Concern

Christine Alonzo

Damon Barry

Dean Brown, Sr.

Dr. Ryan Ross

Eddie Koen

Hap Legg

Hon. Ben Clarke

Hon. Fran Coleman

Hon. Peter Groff

Hon. Penfield W. Tate III

Hon. Rosemary Marshall

Hon. Terrance Carroll

Jennifer Bacon

Jose Silva, M.Ed.

Ken Weil

Khadija Haynes

Mary Seawell

Michelle & Sam Halliburton

Mike & Stephanie Noble

Morris Price

Patrick Hamill

Pastor Paul Burleson

Shelli Brown

Terry Whitney

Thad Jacobs

Theresa Peña

Tim & Jennifer Tribbet

Vernon and Jaymie Jones

Victoria Scott-Haynes

Wayne Vaden

*Plus many more endorsements, supporters, and contributors

To show your support and add your name to the endorsement list, please click here CLICK HERE to send send a direct email to James Coleman.

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